User’s Perspective Analysis

User's Prespective

The user’s point of view is a critical step in having a solid understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. The point of view is deeper than a statement summarizing the needs. It is full of insights that can only be extracted if you have really built empathy for the user. This is the opportunity to capture those nuggets of insights which form the basis of your idea.
Craft these points of view in the following form:
User X needs a way to do a job because of insight.

1. User’s Perspective Template

Capture the user’s perspective in the following template:

User's Perspective Template
User's Perspective Template

2. User’s Perspective Example

Here's an example of User's Perspective:

User's Perspective Example
User's Perspective Example

2.1 Guidance

Session Lead
Ask the team to review the journey map and then write insightful points of view for the user.
15-minute Self-brainstorm
Everyone spends 15 minutes to come up with insightful user perspectives.
Team Brainstorm
Everyone shares their user perspectives and lists them in the order of importance for the user. Review all the perspectives and rank them in the order of importance. As you discuss these points of view, feel free to merge the insights and points of view as needed.