Personas in Design Thinking

Persona is a fictitious representation of the main user who would be using your product or service. Bring the insights from user research to life and build a fictitious persona for each of your core users.

1. Personas Template

Use this template to build your user’s persona (Figure below).

Persona template

2. Personas Template Example

Here is an example of a persona for a user.

2.1 Guidance

Session Lead
As a team, give this persona a name. Agree on the age, gender and education level.
10-minute self-brainstorm
Give everyone 10 minutes to put their thoughts on sticky notes to capture
the following aspects for the persona:
◾ Goals and motivation in the context of your idea.
◾ Challenges faced to achieve these goals.
◾ Primary responsibilities for the persona in the context of your idea.
◾ Needs.
Team Brainstorm
The session lead asks everyone to come to the flip chart and paste their thoughts.
After all the team members have shared out, cluster the input and agree on the key aspects of the persona so that the whole team is on the same page.
Draw a sketch that represents the persona and gives a creative tag line that captures the essence of the persona. Have some fun while doing this exercise.
All Users
Repeat the brainstorming session for all the users for your idea. Build one
persona for each user segment.
From now on, every time you discuss the users, use the persona’s name so that everyone on your team would have the same visual picture in their minds and have a similar understanding of the needs and context of the core user for your idea.

2.2 Document Assumptions

After the session, the session lead should ask the team to write down all the assumptions that you are making and record those assumptions in the assumptions template.

2.3 Review Prior Steps

Review the prior steps and adjust as needed with the consensus of the team.